Figos RCZ GT


I'm Richard, a self confessed Petrolhead, tuner and most certainly spend to much time in, around, cleaning and driving cars. In December 2010, after 4 years driving a mix of British sports cars and tuned Japanese hatches I decided to go a slightly different route with the next car.

Something a bit less lairy than my Honda engined MG and something a bit more refined than the rev-tastic Hot hatches from the land of the rising sun. My initial thoughts were that it should be German. Something along the lines of Volkswagens new Scirocco or obvious choice for a refined, small GT car, Audis TT. The VW was a brilliant handler and made me want to drive, but lacked that flair and sense of occasion you would want from a car costing over £20,000. The TT felt more solid, and felt like a genuine mini GT car but at over £25,000 the figures just didnt stack up, it wasnt as dynamically sharp as the VW nor was the premium justified when I looked at it - It was simply a competant, conservative coupe with a premium badge.

At this point I didn't really know what to do untill that is was watchin a video of the Paris Motor show on youtube and seen Peugeots RCZ Concept car. The car had all the visual appeal that, for the first time since seeing the 306 GTi-6, made me positively lust after a french car. The bubble roof, swooping forward cabin, brushed aliminium door pillars, hugging sport seats, active spoiler. Everything about the car just seemed so right. The proportions, the heritige, the effort that peugeot had put into making sure that the production car kept all of the concept cars features, screamed at me to book a test drive.

Fast forward to just 2 days after Christmas..
After weeks of not being able to get a test drive due to heavy snow and road closures, I finally pulled up at the dealership and after a quick chat with the dealer, was handed the keys to the RCZ, shown the car and then told "take as long as you need".  I was sold within the first mile, but to make sure I took the car out for an hours drive around town and on some of my favourite local roads. The handling lies somewhere between the VW and the Audi, much better than the TT's clinical feel but not as happy on the edge as the VW. When your not driving hard the car turns from eager sportster to a genuine GT, with leather clad dash, heated electric seats and high quality cabin. Its easy to find a position you are comfy in and I think that as a long distance companion the RCZ would suit the bill nicely.

To cut along story short after considering it sat in the same price bracket as the VW, offered the premium feel of the Audi and the exclusivity that a limited build offers, I signed on the dotted line and will be due to take delivery in the middle of January 2011.

Options on the car include:
GT Model
19" Upgraded Alloys.
Gloss black wing mirror
Xennon Vision Pack

Ill do a more technical write up when I can really get into the car but so far, the 1.6 Turbo engine (shared with the Mini Cooper S and Citreon DS3) is fantastic, torquey and eager to please with the 6 speed Box feelign slick and precise.

Au revoir!